Pssssst! I will tell you about LScms
Content Management System!

About LScms

Here is the article where I am trying to explain a bit more about LScms Back-End side. So, if any questions, then don't hesitate to contact me.

A bit from history

I've created my own Content Management System because I wanted to use my skills in something which could help for me in the future.
LScms has been developed using old and stable technologies - PHP/MySQL/ HTML/JS.
And - development is still continuing. I am adding new features and trying to keep it clean and simple.

A bit about me

I am working in software testing area since 2005. But this project is my hoby :)
As I am so long in IT world, I have good knowledges in a lot of things. Curently I am working in Integration Test Team, analysing tests, creating new tests, implementing automated tests, doing defect analysis and helping to improve product test quality.

Why should you choose LScms?

LScms size currently is 2.6MB. Quite small, yeah?

Also additonal HTML5/CSS3 templates usually are small. For example, this template size is around 1MB.
One of my projects ( initially had wordpress cms engine, but, because of lacks and speed problems I moved it to LScms engine. So, yeah, it is possible to move wordpress page to my LScms engine.