LScms: Back-end side

I think it's time to show you guys how the Back-End side is looking for my CMS, for the LScms.

First of all, for sure, we have special entrance, called Admin Entrance :)

When we passed authentication, then we are in the right and most important place for our blog - in backend. 

Main page

This is the first page. Here we can see different information in sidebars:

  • Left sidebar contains:
    • 5 newest articles
    • 5 newest users
    • 5 newsest categories (Tags)
    • General information - count of all articles, count of all users and user groups.
  • Right sidebar contains information about LScms:
    • Blog name with which you are working currently
    • User name with which you athenticated into LSms
    • LScms version
    • Latest update / bug fixing implemented in LScms version.

In the main page we can see latest 20- articles and also we can search for article by title.


Not so much to add here. All information about registered users:

  • Registration time
  • Possibility to delete user
  • How many articles written by user
  • How many comments left by yser
  • Is the user banned or no
  • IP address from where user was registered
  • User group (stil in development)

Add article:

Most important functionality is here :)

  • Tags adding are with autocomplete functionality if they exist already in DataBase. If not, then tags are added on the fly.
  • Enable / Disable comments possibility for exact article
  • Publish / Unpublish article
  • Show article also in the first page or show it only in particular page
  • Select page where article will be shown
  • Intro for article
  • Full article
  • WYSIWYG editor used in LScms is CKEditor 4.10.1

Categories (Tags)

Basic information about categories (Tags):

  • Possibility to add new category
  • How many articles contains such category
  • Possibility to delete category


Very similar to categories page, the same, but with info about the pages:

  • Possibility to add new page
  • How many articles under the particular page
  • Page sequence - sequence how the pages are shown in the main page


Several functions also are shown in comments page:

  • Comment message
  • Comment ID
  • Post time
  • IP address 
  • Article ID
  • Visible / Hidden

Edit comments

Clicking on comment text or comment ID will forward you to edit comments page. Here we have such information / functions:

  • Article title under which comment is shown
  • VIsible / Hidden - admin can easily hide comment if necessary
  • Author
  • IP
  • Publish time
  • And possibility to edit comment as well

Settings page:

Here we have also several variables and possibility to enable / disable maintenance page for the blog

  • Enable / Disable comments for whole blog
  • Enable / Disable maintenance page
  • Is the blog on local computer or no
  • Show all errors (mainly used for debugging on local pc)
  • Show author names - more useful when there are more than 1 author in the blog

And - if the maintenance page is enabled, then you have the notification also in the main page:

Seems I mentioned all the important functions. I developed this LScms engine since 2011 :) And it is still ongoing. As I already said, this is my hobby, I am not earning money with this. At least till now :)

Added: 2018-10-21 13:42:28 by lslackware