Moving from wordpress to LScms - done

That was a long journey. A lot of several aspects, a lot of voodoo magic with databases - adapting, removing, updating...
And finally it is done. My website which has been powered by wordpress now is powered by LScms.



  • Experience
  • Performance issues with wordpress
  • You newer know what to expect in next wordpress release especially if you have enabled automatic updates
  • A lot of hacking attempts - that's due to wordpress popularity
  • To improve my skills in full stack development area

What is in use?

  • The Bug Genie: defect tracking tool - yes, is is a must to have tool for such big projects. Otherwise you can easily lost defects. Trust me - I am working in Software Quality Assurance area since 2005 ;)
  • git: version control system
  • docker: I can start full development environment in around 10 minutes. This is quite important point as sometimes I am travelled just with company laptop (or even another laptop) and there is no way to install web server, php and all other staff to be in the same level as my home machine.
  • atom: yes, I am using atom in development and I love it :)

Technical side:

And then I am lost. I don't know how much time I spent on this project. If I am looking into git, then 1st date is somehwhere in June, 2019. And go live date was end of last day in December, 2019. So it toked at least half a year.
But it is really hard to say exact dates because I have another blogs where I did some updates / fixes in parallel.

Was it worth?

  • Absolutely!!!
  • First of all - I know all code, so I can easily isolate the possible root cause for failures.
  • I am proud that I did it :) Sometimes I had a feeling - screw you, LScms, I am going for beer. But I returned and worked more.
  • A lot of features I have learned in my career as QA specialist - how to do that best or what to skip at all. But yes, also it sometimes blocked me because I wanted clear vision already from the first row of code (which sometimes is really hard to imagine).
  • A lot of troubleshooting, code isolating, git revert and database exports, imports, updates and downgrades - it is really cool experience. After that you are strongest than before.

What I learned or improved during this project?

  • Work with databases - my site has already quite a lot of articles. For sure I didn't wanted to loose any of them. And my database structure is not the same as wordpress database structure...
  • regex - a lot of regex was used. My site contains a lot of pictures. Pictures are added in wordpress and wordpress uses their own classes and whatever else in code to get it better in their platform. So my job was to replace that code to code for my frontend page.
  • docker - that I already mentioned.
  • PHP - sure, because all coding is done in PHP.

Before (worpdress engine):

After (LScms engine):


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